First Post Selling Christmas Trees

12/2/18  I've stopped selling trees.  I am toying with the idea of saving a few and selling some ~9' trees next year.

Selling Christmas Trees
Rather poorly cared for trees up to about 8' tall,  appropriately and attractively price at $15, your choice.  "You pick it, I'll kill it".  Zoom in on the sign in the photo to get my email address.

11/14/18  The Christmas Tree train is rolling!  Thanks to Donna's FaceBook posts.  I continue to think of FaceBook as a lightly bubbling cauldron of idiocy.  But, I'll take the sales!

I'll post here stuff customers and potential customers might find useful.  As they come to mind.  That is, randomly organized.  I'll be adding more information as I go.  You may post a question/comment though you may need a Blogger account to do that.  Or, maybe just a Google account.

1) Tomorrow, I'll place some flagging material over there so that customers can flag trees in my absence.  You may come out without an appointment.  Place your name on a tag and place it high in the selected tree.  If I don't run short of trees, I'll resist selling flagged trees, but do not guarantee they will not be sold unless they are pre-paid.  PayPal to the address you have.
1b)  11/15  Flagging material is in place just inside the gate through which you enter.  Sharpie marker in soda bottle.  Write your name on a piece of flagging tape and attach as high as you can manage to the tree you select.
The twine is in the box on the ground.  I will eventually put some cutting implement with it.  The ground in the area of the trees should be pretty firm just a few hours after a rain.

1c) I've placed a 10' joint of conduit in the tree patch.  Marked at 8' and 6'.  To be used in judging tree height.

2)  Before I start cutting trees, I will place some twine over there so trees can be secured.  In years past, I've tied trees on tops of cars.  Or, stuffed them in vans/SUVs.   Do what you like.  Pickup trucks are best.  I am willing to deliver on a trailer within 5 miles of Dale for $5.  Or, 10 miles (to Lockhart, for example) for $10. 

3) I've had quite a few queries and expect to sell trees briskly.  That is, I set the price too low :-).   It is now clear I need to set some "I'll be here" hours.  For the first weekend following Thanksgiving, those will be 2pm-3pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I'll be in the Christmas Tree patch during those hours, and likely longer.    I've had some poor experience with customers keeping appointments; these fixed hours will replace appointments.  You may visit the tree patch at anytime to inspect the trees but you should not expect to buy a tree except during stated hours.

4) For seekers of more professionally grown local Christmas Trees, I recommend:
Just outside Luling.

5) To early queries, I've provided a link that shows exact location of the tree patch.  It is 1 mile north of Dale on CR165.  Right side of road as you come from Dale.

6) Trees will have an accumulation of prior year needles in the interior.  That stuff is best removed before taking the tree into the house.  Importers of trees recommend cutting an inch or two off the butt end to facilitate uptake of water.  That is un-necessary for a tree that has been cut only a few hours.  All sorts of potions are suggested to put in the tree's water in order to prolong life.  My opinion is that water only is sufficient.  It is important to keep the cut end wet.  Check daily.
Trees will eventually dry out and drop needles.  They will dry slower in a cooler location.  That is, it is best not to place the tree near your heat source.    If you wish to store your tree after it is cut but before you put it up in the house, leave it outside, in the shade, in a bucket of water.

7) Requested photos with some references.  
 I guess it is lost in the low resolution, but there is a pole saw leaning up against a tree near the golf cart.  The saw is about 6' long.  Several trees in the area are about 7'.
5 gallon bucket near a string of pretty nice trees; the trees are about 8'.

8) We are into the cutting season; as of 11/20, I've cut 5.  I configured a tree height gauge and left it out for customer use; as near as I can tell, no one has used it.  A caution: trees always look bigger once they are in the house.  For 8' ceilings, you want a tree that is about 7'.  The trees do not cut down well.  That is, you will have difficulty turning a 8' tree into a 7' tree.

9) I have placed some advertising ornaments near the gate, near the tags and tie down twine.  If you wish, pick one up on the way out.  The ornaments have my phone number on them.  I will not answer the phone or return calls.  But, I will see any voice messages left.

10) Sales for the weekend following Thanksgiving were slower than expected.  Therefore, I will be open the following weekend: Saturday and Sunday, December 1 and 2.  Both days starting at 2pm.

Photos of early customers: