SolarBridge microinverter replacement.

I just had my SolarBridge microinverters replaced with Enphase after both SolarBridge and the installer, Longhorn Solar, abandoned them.
You may be able to find my Yelp review of Longhorn here:

I have 39 nine of them; at the last time I was able to monitor, about a year ago, 38 were working.  At the time of replacement, power output seemed normal.

This project is near completion.  Labor was about $3k.  39 Enphase inverters about $1.5k.  Trunk cable about $600.   A bit over $5k total. One broken panel not yet replaced.  One new microinverter not producing.  I now have 37 (out of 39) panels producing on the roof, 12 producing on the hitching rail, 6 on a mount near the pool.  All monitored by a single Envoy.  I expect two more to be producing after we get some dry weather.

Lets see if this will show my Yelp review of Longhorn Solar:
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