Electric use musings

I have three electric meters.  Without a built up credit and with no net use, my monthly bills are about $25 for each, about $80 total.  My "connection fees".  My billing cycle ends about the 13th of each month.  Here, I am reviewing my likely bill that will come in a few days for 10/12/18-11/13/18.   On two of the meters, air conditioning is the big demand during much of the year.  On the other, pumping irrigation water.  I move my car charging from meter to meter to try to minimize my "from the grid" use.  Since it has been cool and wet, no water pumping and no air conditioning the previous month.  That is likely to continue for the next 4+ months.

My three meters all had net production: 209kwh, 208kwh, and 246kwh.  Total of about 650kwh.  At the end of the year, my electric supplier will issue a credit of about $.05/kwh.  So, last month's credit will be about $32.  That will not cover my "connect fees".  I hope to do much better in coming months.

Year to date (through about 10/14/2018) accumulated production has been 1435kwh, 4788kwh, and 1282kwh.  Those should yield a credit of about $375 after the end of the year.  I still have 2-3 months to add to that credit.

To escape any payment to my electric provider over a year, I have to average about 1600kwh of net production per month.