First Model 3 LR D P trip

A trip to Lafayette for an EV charging site fund raising event.

The trip was noteworthy because I was able to go from Lake Charles to near Columbus on AutoPilot with no operator intervention.  Around 150 miles.  This was right through the middle of Houston during the fairly heavy traffic noon hour.  The car had just received the first (older) Version 9 software.  The only driver actions were to adjust target speed with a thumb wheel and indicate lane changes with the turn signals.  No touching steering wheel; no touching brake or accelerator.

A very nice lunch at the downtown Don's, only about two blocks from the event.  Hush Puppies in the basket were the best I've eaten in many years.
Lafayette is the world center of cajun cooking.  Below is a wonderful gumbo.  I regret I was able to eat only about ten meals per day during the trip.

Downtown Lafayette is very nicely refurbished.  Event was held in a "vacant lot" park.  Test drives were staged from the parking garage in the background.

A downtown park includes a couple of chunks of steel from Twin Towers.

This is the front of the little "vacant lot" park where the event was held.   My car nearest the camera.

The highlight of the trip home was driving AutoPilot all the way from the Lake Charles SuperCharger to within 10 miles of the Columbus SuperCharger.  This was through downtown noon traffic Houston on IH10.  Around 150 miles. Self steering, no hands all the way.  Speed adjustments were made with thumb wheel on steering wheel.  Some lane changes were instigated by the turn signal.  The early Version 9 software was recently installed.  Afterward, I received the later version which includes "navigate on AutoPilot".  Or, maybe it's "AutoPilot on navigation".