Inexpensive self installed PV

With careful shopping here is VERY cheap PV.  About $140 per panel or about $.55/watt.  This includes panels, microinverters, and micoinverter AC cabling.  Not included is labor (which is minimal) and the "hitching rail" ground mount which should be less than $5/panel.   Also not included is the 30% income tax credit for which these should be eligible.

I've now done two "hitching rails" with plans for a 3rd.  I have the steel roofing installed below the panels but have not yet done the needed grounding or the planned attachments of the panels to the rails.  The two rails have been operational for a couple of months.  Each rail supports 10-13 panels.  Each rail is supported by three steel posts driven into the ground with a tractor mounted post driver.  Rails welded to those posts.  Microinverters dangle from rails; up off the ground.

Payback on this type of system should be 2-3 years, not including tax credit.  My roof top professionally installed systems have paybacks of 10-15 years, including tax credit.