PV about 30 miles west of Ft Stockton, just north of IH10.

About a year ago, I noticed this place under construction with apparent piles of panels scattered over an estimated 100 acres.  Today, I could not find it on the car's map.  The "satellite" photo was apparently more than a year old.  But, not, it is easily noticeable from the highway.  It looks to be operational.
The entrance is at the grid connection stuff on the frontage road.  I was tempted to knock on the potable building office door and ask for a tour.

This is the old maps.google photo:
The entire cleared and maybe graded area is covered with panels.

The sign, should you be able to zoom in, says "AEP Texas, a unit of American Electric Power, Barrilla Jct."  I'll see what google says.
Apparently, they are an electric retailer.  Nothing yet found on that project.  I seem to recall it was a FSLR project, perhaps recently sold.