PV at WalMart in Truth or Consequences

I was surprised to see PV covered parking at the WalMart near the Truth or Consequences SuperCharger.  Seven canopies over seven double parking rows, six had five inverters, a shorter row had four.  Each canopy had six 60 cell panels, placed long way, in the width.  I did not take the time to count total and make a total power estimate.  But it is a lot!  Canopies were supported by a single row of columns in the middles with two columns on the ends.

I asked a checker in the WalMart about the install.  He said the store was about 10 years old and the PV about 5.

 This from near the SuperCharger.  Look on my Google+ page if you wish to view higher resolution.

Near by, I saw a more traditional ground mount PV though not as large as the WalMart.