I have about three acres of asparagus that will soon be emerging.
I have no hope of selling any asparagus this year.
I have no hope of picking any significant amount myself.  Picking is drudgery.  Several hours each and every day for a couple of months.
I have no hope of any friends/neighbors doing a decent job of picking.


I'm now shredding the waist high dead weeds, exposing the young green ones.  Soon, I'll try to hit them with herbicide before asparagus emerges.  With luck, that will reduce weed problems later in the season.  Then, shallow disk the entire fields.  After the disking I will not be able to see the rows to cultivate.  After emergence, I'll deep cultivate between rows.  That is the plan; unexpected emergence puts a stop to herbiciding and disking.  Emergence is usually mid-February to early March.



I don't know.  Compulsion?  Lack of intelligence?

Patti and I toured the asparagus patches yesterday.  Still nothing up to speak of.  Due to cool weather.  I do have the fields in good shape.  Weed free.  Early in the season, it should be easy picking.  Maybe a week more.

We've been picking asparagus now for about two weeks.  Not a whole lot.  If picked thoroughly, it might yield about 5 pounds per day.  It is only being picked sporadically.  My primary pickers are old and worn out.  Only good for maybe an hour at a time.  And, they are fair weather pickers.  "Oh! it's too <cold, hot, wet, windy>".