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This just copied from last year's Google+ post.


I view this as "Texas History Season" . It began in December 1835 when, due mainly to Ben Milam's efforts, General Cos surrendered San Antonio de Bexar to rather disorganized anglo colonists. General Cos and his solders were given medical aid and paroled under the condition that they return to Mexico and not contest the revolution. Santa Ana, with Cos and troops, marched on Bexar the following February eventually laying siege to Texans congregated in the Alamo. Today, March 2 1836, Texan representatives declared independence in Washington-on-Brazos. The Alamo was only a few days from falling with essentially all defenders being killed. My "Texas History Season" ends 45 days after the fall of the Alamo with the Battle of San Jacinto. Five months and the world changed.


Well, I feel compelled to add a few words about The Runaway Scrape.   Essentially all anglos fleeing in mass toward Louisiana, abandoning their homes, burning crops and buildings to deny them to the Mexicans.  Driving livestock before them.  Fleeing for their lives.  Terrorized by the massacres at Alamo and Goliad.  Frustration at Houston for not turning and fighting; ever retreating before Santa Ana.