Junction Museum Opening 3/23/19


I met my great uncle Frank only once when I was about 10 and we were passing through Junction returning from a family vacation in Colorado.  That would have been about 1953.  Though I lacked appreciation at the time, Frank was a well known law man having served as Texas Ranger, possibly Arizona Ranger, Game Warden, and Sheriff of Kimble County.  At the time I met him he was retired and doing gun smithing out of his garage.  He had a notable gun collection which included a pistol that, as a youth, he was given by John Wesley Hardin.  My aunt Alice lived in Junction with her aunt and uncle during the Depression when her family had difficulty maintaining the entire family.  Aunt Alice graduated from Junction High School about 1938.  My aunt Alice was named for her blood aunt who was married to Frank.  The Museum's recognition of him is in photo #9.
Google things like "Frank Patterson Texas Ranger" to learn more of him.  I've recently learned that he may have been involved in the Porvenir Massacre in 1918.

Jean and I first visited the Museum in an old location about 1980 (+/-).  Head honch at the museum, Frederica Wyatt, displayed a clipping file  on uncle Frank and pointed us to the graves of Frank and Alice.  Over the years, I've dropped in the museum whenever passing through Junction.  With the SuperCharger a  couple of years ago, Junction has become even more attractive to me.

Since 2016, Ms Wyatt and The Museum have been working on refurbishing the old hospital as the new museum building; today was the grand opening.  Ms Wyatt now spends most of her time in a wheel chair.  She is in photo #7; in blue with a walker.