April electric bill with PowerWall

My usage matches what I've been monitoring.  I was billed for 2 kwh.  That represents noise on the PW's attempt to use no grid energy; every once in a while, it will pull ~100 watts from the grid.

Under the "new" rate structure I expected to receive a credit at the end of each billing period rather than the previous annual credit.  Hasn't happened.  They added my over production, 1275 kwh, to my "banked" total.  Banked total on that meter is now 2169 kwh.  The month's over production should be worth about $63 which should have more than covered the "overhead" amount of $22.50 for which I was billed.

With my current configuration, I should be earning a bit more than $1/day from my electric supplier; that is above the $22.50 connection fee.  I have hope of getting that up to around $5/day.

The reason for the failure of BlueBonnet to transfer to the new rate structure:  The PW installer failed to notify BB that the final bit of work was ready to inspect.

As I understand, the changes to the rate structure:
1) Producers are debited immediately for any power pulled from the grid.  Hour by hour.  Old rate structure: power pulled is offset at full retail rates by power produced within the billing period.
2) Over production is credited monthly rather than annually.
3) Rates paid are a bit more.

With the PowerWall, I can contrive to almost never be impacted by 1).  Without a PW, the average producer's bill will go significantly higher.  So, I hope to preserve the old rate structure for my two meters that do not have PowerWalls and sell BB a lot of power from the meter with PW.