Power Upgrade


I was very pleasantly surprised when a BlueBonnet crew showed up around noon.

They replaced one pole and added a pole.  Moved the transformer from across the road to the replaced pole near my mail box.  I was told I would get a 25kva transformer but they installed a 15kva.  The old one was a 10kva.

I missed peak production today due to power being disconnected for the work.  It does look like all the panels I currently have will produce during peak conditions.  Today's production peaked at about 13kw and it looked like no inverters were shutting down.  Need to get busy, install more panels, and see if I can put stress the new setup.

My power production with the 15kva transformer is up but only to 14-15kw.  That's from my own monitoring system. Some of that restriction I attribute to the too small wire going to the new garage.
A few days after the upgrade I was disappointed to see sunny day sales at only 60-70kwh.  That's down from up to 110kwh with the old 10kva transformer which had clearly lower peak powers.
After some Bluebonnet back and forth, they changed my meter though not because of my reports.  It turns out that a thunderstorm near the time of the upgrade had killed about 50 meters in the area.  I theorize that my meter quit working and that Bluebonnet did some estimating for several days.  I don't yet have data from the new meter.
I will likely get a new and larger transformer if I can't push at least 30kw through the current one.

BlueBonnet finally started again reporting my meter readings yesterday.  They filled in the two week blank period.  Most illuminating!  I had two sunny days (5/12 and 5/13) where I measured my production as 102.3 and 96.7 kwh.  Bluebonnet reported my net production was 93.6 and 92.1 kwh.  The 5-10 kwh differences are typical of my normal use in the absence of EV charging and air conditioning.  SO!  BlueBonnet meter readings now again agree with my monitoring!
I am getting little to no high voltage power cut back on my PV during high production periods so I will continue to add more panels and attempt to get my production up from ~15kw to ~20kw and beyond.