Update on South Field + Guerrilla

I now have the new hitching rail fully populated with 25 producing panels.  I have completely used my stock of panels though I have 30 more on the way.

Photos 1, 3 and 4 show development of the rail while  5 shows the completed rail.  But with weed blocking sheet metal installed only on the near half.  Photos 2 and 6 show the heavy pipe rail.

Total number of producing panels in the South Field is 48:
1) 5 leaning on the west fence (go be moved)
2) 25 on the chain link fence top rail hitching rail (one to be removed but I see the rail remaining un-moved)
3) 18 on the heavy pipe rail on the east side.  (to be increased in length and re-positioned)

In the yard are 29 panels.  The 77 ground mount panels are known as the "guerrilla" system.  On the roof are 26 panels known as the "roof top" system.  Power and energy are independently monitored on the two systems.

In the past, before it grew like Topsy, the guerrilla was a minor contributor compared to the roof top.  Now, during low production periods, the guerrilla produces about twice as much as the roof top.  As power approaches my service limit, guerrilla power is reduced due to high voltage inverter shut downs.  It seems imminent that BlueBonnet is about to fix my service bottle neck.

Right now, total power is limited to about 12kw.  After the service fix, I hope to see about 15-18kw peaks from the currently installed panels.  Then, ONWARD, THROUGH THE FOG!

I believe I have a good supply of pipe on the way.  After it arrives, barring more glitches, I expect to permanently install three pipe rails and leave the chain link rail in place.  Each pipe rail holding 28-34 panels and the chain link rail holding 24.  AC power connections will be at the mid points of all rails.