I'm in the business of producing electricity!

I just got my first bill on my new electric rate structure which maximizes the value of using my PowerWall which has been installed at my home electric meter for several months.

For the period 4/11/19 - 5/14/19 results are:
1) I was charged about $.36 for 4 kwh.  That is noise from the PowerWall attempting to use NO grid power.
2) My monthly connect/overhead charge is $22.50.
3) I was credited $107 for the 1761 kwh I supplied to the grid.  A bit more than $.06/kwh.  That rate was a surprise to me; I was expecting about $.05.

Net bill for that meter was -$84.14.  That is, the utility owes me $84 for the month.

My intermediate goal is to get my PV production up to the ~$200/month level.  Concurrent goal is to do the same (PowerWall plus more PV) on other meters I have.

Not considering the PowerWall cost, which I allocate to it's grid failure value, my install cost for PV is about $.45/watt.  My utility appears to be paying me about $.06/kwh which means a pay back period of just over 4 years.  That is estimating an average of about 5 wh/day per watt of PV.   That's not considering a possible 30% income tax credit on the PV installation costs or the income tax due on the energy sales.

Since I am willing to sell energy for $.06/kwh, that puts my EV charging value at the same $.06.  Not much more than $.01/mile.

On other meters with a different rate structure, my EV charging costs may be less than $.05/kwh.