"Van Life" on CBS Sunday Morning.


I saw this on Sunday Morning this morning.

Jean and I used to aspire to touring the country in our Sprinter van conversion.  I was an early Sprinter buyer, perhaps 2004 or so, and was much taken by the efficiency.  I believe I bought the first USA imported model; badged as "Freightliner".  Later, we bought a slightly newer used professional Sprinter conversion fitted with cooking, refrigerator, bed, etc.  Jean had her last excursion in that Sprinter.  For it's first trip, we took a one week tour through west Texas.  Very fond memories of some of Jean's last days.

With my infatuation with EVs, I rather lost interest in extensive ICE driving.  Though I have taken a couple of Big Bend trips and a Florida trip in the conversion.  It now sits mostly unused in a building constructed to protect it from the elements.

Here are some dots that might be connected by the imaginative:
1) Mercedes Benz is supposed to be offering an electric Sprinter version.
2) I'm now infatuated with Tesla PowerWalls in addition to Tesla cars.
3) A PowerWall is light enough to carry around in a Sprinter.
4) I've become fairly experienced at lashing up grid tied PV systems.  I might even use the term "skilled".
5) One or more panels can be used to charge a PowerWall.
6) A PowerWall can be charged from "shore power" where you might charge an EV.  Certainly at RV parks and I doubt that using a J1772 would be an insurmountable problem.
7) A PowerWall can be used to charge EVs.
8) Conceptually, an EV battery can be used to replace or supplement a PowerWall battery.

I look forward to developments in vehicle to grid and micro grid fields that will make EV batteries more versatile.