Hanging Together

Longhorns, Cattle Egrets, and Turkey.  It is the Turkey that is unusual to find associating with the other two.
You will likely have to access the higher resolutions to see the Turkey.

It looks like it is time for me to give up trying to get photos posted.  They are hung up in my phone and not uploading to cloud.

Anyway, just use your imagination.  I believe the wild Turkeys just happened to be in the same area as the Longhorns at the time I went by; that is, I don't believe they were socializing as the egrets and cattle do.   I do see a flock of turkeys almost every time I go to that area.  Sometimes, you will see an egret riding on the back of a cow.  Presumably picking off ticks or other insects.

This is the first year I've noticed multiple turkey males/gobblers in one flock.  They are easy to identify because they spread their tail feathers.


It is interesting to note that the spread of Cattle Egrets across the globe is fairly recent.  I believe Cattle Egrets are near the most wide spread of species.