Screwed by Tesla

I've been surprised by the extremely poor service and customer support coming out of Tesla Energy.  That is MUCH in contrast to Tesla Motors.

I ordered a Power Wall shortly after they started taking reservations.  That was about three years ago.  I've had only minor response from Tesla to queries.  After discovering that solar installers seemed to have better access to PowerWalls than individuals, I got one on order from a local installer.  That was near a year ago.  Within a few months, the PowerWall was installed.  I still wait for Tesla to sell me the "reserved" unit.

I was completely blown away by the functionality of the PowerWall.  For four months, I have been a very happy PowerWall customer.  That is, except for one relatively minor detail: the Tesla Energy people have been unwilling to associate my PW with my Tesla account.  That association is needed for control and monitoring through the Tesla smart phone app in the same way cars are monitored and controlled.  I did figure out how to get local monitoring of my PW.  That has been "good enough".

My installer contacted me a couple of weeks ago and made an appointment to come out and work on my PW.  They said Tesla asked them to do that.  The installer guy arrived and spent a couple of hours not telling me of what the perceived problem was.  Multiple times, I asked if he wanted anything from me.  "No".  He spent much of his time on the phone with an unknown to me person.  As he left, he informed me that my utility's meter was not working correctly.  I was astonished and told him there was no apparent problem.  My power/energy monitoring closely agreed with the utility's meter reading reporting.  I reiterated that I had no complaint; I was completely satisfied with the system except for the lack of app control.  He insisted that my meter was not working correctly.

A few hours after the installer left, I discovered my PW was badly screwed up.  The four powers presented: house, grid, solar production, and battery made no sense.   It took me a day to get a response from the installer.  Meanwhile, I discovered that the PW would no longer supply battery power at night.  Instead, it started drawing from the grid as the solar power disappeared at dusk.  I was forced to physically disconnect from the grid to avoid using grid power.

The installer eventually told me that their guy had made no soft or hard configuration changes.  Any changes came from Tesla remotely.  I eventually extracted from the installer contact email for the Tesla guy that had requested the visit.  That guy eventually responded that he thought he understood what had happened; he did not acknowledge remote reconfiguration.  My demand was "put it back the way it was before you screwed it up".
With no further response from Tesla, my power numbers went back to being reasonable.  But, the PW continues to try to pull grid power at night.

I have since figured out that the installer was confused because one of my two PV sources comes into my main breaker and is not monitored as "solar generation".  At the time of the install, I explained the situation and told the installer that he could reroute the second source and treat it as he desired.  He elected to leave it unmonitored as a source of power.  The recent installer visit was made by an installer employee that did not know of or remember the two source configuration.

The most egregious aspect is that neither the installer nor Tesla sought any information from me.  And Tesla failed to consult me before breaking my system.  And Tesla has failed to consult me on remedies.  My single response from Tesla has been "we think we know what happened" with no notification "we have attempted <this> fix".

I am about four or five days into this saga.  Continuing to manually switch off grid at sundown and back on when solar production builds power about 10 am each day.   I know how to do an "installer configuration" which I will attempt if Tesla does not straighten things out in a few days.  But, I feel insecure that Tesla can and may come in at any time and screw things up.  I need to explore ways to break Tesla's access to my PW.

Short story: the PowerWall is a SUPERIOR PRODUCT!  Tesla Energy customer service/support could not be worse.

If someone knows how to reach competent people within Tesla Energy, please leave a comment.

Continued silence and inattention from Tesla forced me to attempt an "installer configuration" yesterday.  That went well with only a few stumbling blocks.   Last night was the first night where the PW battery automatically took over night time power supply.  This sorry episode started last Wednesday, 5/29/19.  So, a week of absolutely needless strife and stress due the the miserable Tesla Energy organization.

Here is a not especially productive thread I started on TMC:

Apparently most to all the PowerWall magic is off the shelf!
I hope someone will put it all together commercially so that Tesla will have some competition.